Political Platform

Political Platform

Cabinet AppointmentsLess hubris, more innovation

Cabinet membership to be at least 50% women

At least 3 cabinet members from the opposing political party, 1 independent

1+ holder of a foreign passport

No men from the Harvard Faculty until the Harvard Economics Faculty is at least 50% women.


Financial PlanCreating Equity in the American Dream


Issue $4 trillion par value of Perpetual U.S. Government securities comprised of:

$2 trillion daily floating rate perpetual notes. Interest rate = Fed funds.

$200 billion each coupon tranche of fixed rate perpetual bonds: 0.50%, 1.00%, 1.25%, 1.50%, 1.75%, 2.00%, 2.25%, 2.50%, 2.75%, 3.00%.

Issue $3 trillion of Expirationless Options on Perpetual U.S. bonds & daily floating rate notes.

Total Sources:    $7 trillion


American Income & Balance Sheet Management

$2 trillion to paying down existing fixed term U.S. Government debt

$1 trillion to revenue-neutral tax reform

New Investment in America’s Future

$1.5 trillion – Investment in American Infrastructure, Job Creation, and Training

$1.5 trillion – U.S. Pension Disaster Preparedness and Stabilization Program

$150 billion – Pay Equality & Live/Work Balance for Americans and American Families

$100 billion – Gun & Ammo Buyback Program at 3X market value

$100 billion -New Strategies in Drug/Alcohol Addiction, Mental/Physical Health

$50 billion – Immigration Reform & bi-lingual education for all Americans

$50 billion – America’s Creative Forces (arts, sciences, creative & civil society)

$50 billion – American Campaign Finance Reform

$500 billion cash

Total Uses:            $7 trillion